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Dwight Iverson retired from the Walgreen Drug Company as Director of Purchasing in 1992 and founded F&I Marketing, Inc to provide clients and customers with the same high standards of service, devotion and care that characterized his Walgreen career.

Sales and Marketing, Business and Operations Management, Consulting

F & I Marketing - About Us:

Dwight Iverson established our company to provide vendors and customers exceptional service with the same devotion and care that characterized his distinguished career with the Walgreen Company.

Our Mission is to enable our clients to meet their business goals successfully and profitably while building strong relationships with their customers and business partners.

Our Guide in all we do is the four-way test: is it the truth, is it fair to all concerned, does it build goodwill and better friendships, is it beneficial to all concerned.




7927 Lincoln Ave, Suite 100 Skokie, IL 60077


Office: 1-847-367-3686

Fax: 1-847-367-3689


Who We Are: we are brokers serving vendors and customers in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry since 1992.

Our strengths define us, distinguish us within our industry and empower our clients and customers to succeed.

Knowledge, History & Range: unsurpassed depth and breadth of experience, expertise, insight and foresight.

Change & Adaptation: understanding how to overcome difficulties and capture opportunities.

Problem Solving : the wisdom to understand problems, the vision to see solutions and the talent to implement them.

Information & Information Technology: what is needed, where to find it, how to collect it, store it, maintain it, compile it, report it, interpret and understand it.

Our People, Our Reputation: diligence, dedication, attention to detail, intelligence, experience, excellent communication and follow-up, and the highest ethical standards.

Our people have earned the faith and trust of our industry.

What We Do: we market and sell our client’s consumer packaged goods to our customers, and we provide a comprehensive range of related services and solutions to our clients and our customers.

Sales and Marketing: we work with our clients to market and sell their CPG products to our customers, to understand the challenges and benefits, and to fully understand the business relationships involved.

Planning & Budgeting: expectations, expenses, volumes, revenue.

Programs & Presentations: design, delivery, communication, follow-up.

Customer Relationship Management: countless contacts, all departments.

Services and Solutions: we provide a comprehensive set of services and solutions in support of the sales and marketing goals of our clients and our customers.

Accounting & Recordkeeping: we maintain a vital and extensive database of every document and correspondence – orders, invoices, agreements, commitments, deals, contracts, shipping information, violations, etc.

Trade Management: budget, execution, reconciliation, correction

Deduction Management: verification, disputation, resolution, post-audit.

Technical & Operational Support: vendor/item setup, QA and regulatory programs, order/invoice verification, shipments, defectives and unsaleables.

Information & Reporting: storage, analysis, reporting of transactions, POS, accounting, forecasts and budgets, syndicated data, planogram, competitive.

Special Projects & Programs: unlimited operational, regulatory, financial, etc.

Our Results: our reputation is built upon our results and how we achieve them.

In our decades of business, we have established an history of success as diverse as the needs of our clients and customers.

Trade Management: millions of dollars in trade – maintaining trade-rates, driving shipments and strengthening partnerships.

Deduction Management: millions of dollars in incorrect deductions reversed for every reason from mis-receipts to post-audit.

Technical Support: custom store distributions, trackers for new items and for exit strategy implementations, collaborative forecasting systems, hundreds of vendors and thousands of items setup, countless orders, invoices, deals and debit memos checked and corrected .

Special Projects: we have solved unique problems with special solutions – product recalls, specialized distributions, truckload ordering systems

Information Reporting: custom systems to report POS, inventories, aged payables, to track performance of events, to relate commitments to deals, invoices and deductions, to monitor trade spending vs. plans and budgets.

Sales: we have new businesses pioneered, existing businesses grown, flagging businesses revived, successful long-term relationships developed.

In matters large and small, we adhere to our values and strive to deliver results that meet our client’s goals while building trust and strengthening relationships with our customers.

F&I Marketing Customers

Our customers are retailers, wholesalers and distributors in the Chicago area, Southern Wisconsin and Northwest Indiana, as well as national retailers located outside of Chicago.

F&I Marketing Clients

Our Clients come from virtually all categories of Consumer Packaged Goods.

F&I Marketing Contact Info

We are happy to serve an industry that is exciting, challenging and fascinating, and we have been blessed to work with exceptional people and demanding partners who have made us better people and a better company.

We are proud of our history, our reputation, our abilities and our record of success.  Most of our clients take advantage of all of our services, while many employ us to help them in specific areas.  Contact us any time to discuss the scope of your needs and our qualifications to serve them.

  7927 Lincoln Avenue, Suite 100

  Skokie, IL 60077

  (847) 367-3686


F&I Marketing’s office in beautiful downtown Skokie is always available to our clients, customers and friends.  Visit any time, and while you are here, you will find much to enjoy in Skokie.

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